Week of January 9, 2000


This little-known Hollies spinoff project only lasted for one year and produced just one album, produced by Tony Hicks and featuring a cover of "Delaware Taggett and The Outlaw Boys", but it is an item of interest to anoraks and collectors of British rock of the 1970s, as it boasts a whole host of names recognisable to those familiar with the session scene of that time period.  For starters, keyboardist/vocalist Peter Arnesen (If, Ian Hunter, Rubettes, Daddy Longlegs, Hollies) and Colin Horton-Jennings (Greatest Show On Earth) were members of this band, Peter Wingfield (Olympic Runners, Hollies, Elton John, Chris Farlowe, Colin Blunstone, Elkie Brooks, Maggie Bell, Buddy Guy, Roger Chapman, Lonnie Donegan, Keef Hartley Band, BB King, Freddie King, Level 42, Nazareth, Gerry Rafferty, Al Stewart, Streetwalkers, Chris Youlden, Richard Thompson, etc.) also contributed keyboards to the project, and Alan Parsons is listed on the album's back cover amongst the engineers involved with it.

Musically, it's an amalgamation of mid-70s post-glam British pop and sophisticated pre-punk era rock, which sounds as fresh and effervescent today as it did 25 years ago: maybe Heavy Metal Kids meets Roxy Music meets Hello...

Alex Gitlin, January 2000

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