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Don Evans (Vocals)
Galen Niles (Guitar)
Larry Mcguffin (Guitar)
Scott Stevens (Bass)
Tom Schleuning (Drums)

CD: Monster Records MCD012, 2000

A Texan twin-guitar act operational during the 70s. With the revival of Southern-style metal, prompted by the late-90s stoner movement, many long-lost independently-released gems started to resurface, one of them being the eponymous Ultra album resurrected by Monster Records.

Ultra was born out of the act Homer, a unit comprising vocalist/drummer Don Evans, guitarists Galen Niles (a former member of 60s outfit The Outcasts) and Van Wilks as well as bassist Chet Himes. Homer was to falter when Van Wilks struck out on a solo career, issuing the Bombay Tears album for major label Mercury and Chet Himes opted to pursue a career on the other side of the recording console, reaping subsequent credits on albums by artists such as Ted Nugent.

The duo of Evans and Niles hooked up with guitarist Larry McGuffin, bass player Scott Stevens and drummer Tom Schleuning to found a fresh act Ultra. McGuffin had been a student of Niles' post the Homer period and had persuaded his mentor to kickstart another band. The band toured hard, but would fold in 1978.

The tracks that make up the 2000 reissue were recorded in 1976-77.

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