Week of September 24, 2006

Titus Oates

Bill Beaudet - Keyboards
Chris Eigenmann - Percussion
Rick Jackson - Bass, Vocals
Lou Tielli - Guitar
Steve Todd - Guitar

Jungle Lady (Lips) 1974 - a demo disc which appeared in a plain sleeve as a very different mix
Jungle Lady (Lips L 004) 197?, (Hablabel HBL 11006) 1988
CD: Radioactive RRCD026

A Dallas-based rock combo. Rick Jackson wrote all the material on the album on which the keyboards and vocals blend nicely with some melodic guitar work. The reissue is worth obtaining but the originals still change hands for a lot of bucks.

(Vernon Joynson/Clark Faville)

Taken from: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers - American Garage, Psychedelic & Hippie Rock 1964-1975

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