Week of November 16, 2008

Short Cross

Gray Mccalley - Drums, Lead Vocals
Butch Owens - Organ, Piano, Moog
Velpo Robertson - Guitars, Vocals
Bird Sharp - Bass, Vocals

Arising (Grizly S-160-13) 1972, reissued as a 2LP by Akarma AK 079/2 (2000)
CD: Gear Fab GF119 (1998)

On My Own / Marching Off To War (Colpar 54-1005) 1970

From Sandston, Virginia, this band evolved out of the Hustlers, whose members included, at various stages, ex-Reactors Steve Hicks and ex-Outlaws Butch Owens alongside core members Velpo Robertson, Gray McCalley and Ben Luck. The latter left to join the Barracudas, of "A Plane View" LP fame.

Their rare album can best be described as heavy psychedelic blues, at its purest on "Suicide Blues". There's plenty of good guitar work throughout, "Wastin' Time", "Just Don't Care", "Till We Reach The Sun" and "Hobo Love Song" all have their share, whilst "Ellen" is a slow bluesy ballad. The album lacks sufficient originality to make it special but if this musical genre is where you're at you shouldn't be disappointed.

Compilation appearances include: "Bomb" on Gear Fab's "Psychedelic Sampler" (CD).

(Max Waller / Roger Maglio)

Taken from: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers - American Garage, Psychedelic & Hippie Rock 1964-1975

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