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Bill Reid - Drums
Pat Rockhill - Bass
Dave Williams - Bass
Mitch Watkins - Guitar
'Skid' Rowe - Guitar

Summer's Comin' On Heavy (Rockadelic RRLP 33) 1998
(Issued in standard printed jacket with insert which was encased in a printed soft vinyl outer cover.)

Seompi 2LP (Akarma AK-089/2) 2000
(A reissue and repackage of "Summer's Comin' On Heavy")
CD: "AWOL" Gear Fab GF136

Summer's Coming On Heavy/Lay On The Floor (Blackstar S-101) 1970
Summer's Coming On Heavy/Lay On The Floor (Yin Yang S-101) 197?
Almost In The Whole/Slide Slide (Blackstar S-102) 197?

Seompi are on a very short list of Texas bands that successfully embraced the emerging heavy rock sound at the turn of the decade, using it (as did Mariani and, to a lesser degree, Josefus) to create provocative original music.

Created by Williams in 1969 as a power trio with no guitarist, it was this unusual line-up that recorded the first single on Blackstar. When both the 45 and the dual-bass guitar line-up were met with public indifference, Williams wisely ended the experiment and brought in Watkins on guitar. It was this more traditional quartet line-up that recorded all the music heard on the two full-length collections listed above, which are recommended. Both contain the band's second and third single releases, and are fleshed out with period rehearsal tapes of varying quality.

Fans of dark hard rock should investigate this band's music.

Williams had earlier been with The Headstones, and their retrospective CD "24 Hours (Everyday)" also includes Seompi's second and third 45s.

Compilation appearances have included: "Slide Slide" and "Summer's Coming On Heavy" on "Green Crystal Ties Vol.6" (CD); "Almost In The Whole" on "Brainshadows, Vol.1" (LP & CD).

(Clark Faville)

Taken from: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers - American Garage, Psychedelic & Hippie Rock 1964-1975

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