Week of November 19, 2006

Piel De Pueblo

Pajarito Zaguri - Vocals, Guitars
Nacho Smilari – Lead Guitar
Willy Pedemonte - Bass
Carlos Calabro - Drums

Rock De Las Heridas (Disc Jockey 14008, 1972)
CD: Record Runner RR0450, 2006

Argentine rock pioneer Pajarito Zaguri (ex-Los Beatniks and La Barra de Chocolate) and extraordinary guitarist Nacho Smilari (ex-La Barra de Chocolate and Vox Dei) got together to form this short-lived group. They released an album ("Rock de las heridas") of psycho hard rock.

Most remarkable tracks are: "Silencio para un pueblo dormido" with a brilliant driven guitar, the long "La tierra en 998 pedazos" featuring a killer hard-rock finale (with composer Pedemonte on piano), "Jugando a las palabras" with wah-wah guitar and "Por tener un poco más", featuring the electric violin of Héctor López Furst. The lyrics (and also the cover) are highly committed to political and social matters of those days. The album is highly recommended to followers of Pappo's Blues, Cuero, Montes and Rockal y la Cría.

Smilari and Calabró would form Cuero, while Pedemonte went to perform electric guitar with Miguel Cantilo y Grupo Sur. Pajarito Zaguri pursued a zigzag career.

"Rock de las heridas" was reissued in 1977 (Samantha 77112), but both editions are scarce and very hard to get.

Taken from The Magic Land - A guide to Beat, Psychedelic and Progressive Rock music between 1966 & 1977 in Argentina and Uruguay (Marcelo Camerlo, Marcelo Gasió)

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