Week of July 22, 2007

Open Mind

Mike 'Bryan' Brancaccio - Guitar, Vocals
Timothy Du Feu - Bass
Phil Fox - Drums
Terry Martin - Guitar, Vocals

The Open Mind (Philips SBL 7893) 1969
Reissued on Antar (ANTAR 2) 1986.
CD: Second Battle SB 024, 2000

Horses And Chariots/Before My Time (Philips BF 1790) 1969
Magic Potion/Cast A Spell (Philips BF 1805) 1969

This band produced one of the finest UK psychedelic albums, which is excellent throughout and hardly contains a bad track. The music is characterised by some particularly strong psychedelic guitar work and good vocals. It's impossible really to pull out particular tracks as highlights - they're almost all equally good. The Antar reissue, which came in a redesigned sleeve, includes their second rare 45 release, which unlike the first wasn't taken from the album and is superb. A blistering 45 with tasty psychedelic fuzz guitar work. The Antar/Second Battle reissue is strongly recommended.

Compilation appearances have included: "Magic Potion" on "Perfumed Garden, Vol. 1" (CD) and "Psychedelia - Rare Blooms From The English Summer Of Love" (CD); "Cast A Spell" and "Magic Potion" on "Rubble, Vol. 1 - The Psychedelic Snarl" (LP), "Rubble, Vol. 1" (CD) and "British Psychedelic Trip, Vol. 3" (LP).

Taken from The Tapestry of Delights - The Comprehensive Guide to British Music of the Beat, R&B, Psychedelic and Progressive Eras 1963-1976, Vernon Joynson
ISBN 1 899855 04 1

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