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Missus Beastly

Atzen Wehmeyer - Guitar, Vocals
Paul Vincent - Guitar
Roman Bunka - Guitar
Wolfgang Nickel - Keyboards
Michael Scholz - Keyboards
Dieter Miekautsch - Keyboards
Burkard Schmidt - Keyboards
Jurgen Benz - Sax, Flute
Friedmann Josch - Sax, Flute
Petja Hofmann - Bass, Vocals
Norbert Domling - Bass
Lutz Oldemeier - Drums
Jim Mcgillivray - Drums
Butze Fischer - Drums


Same (CPM LP2) 1970
CD: Garden of Delights CD 061, 2002

Same (Nova 6.22030) 1974
CD: Garden of Delights CD 113, 2005

Dr.Aftershave & the Mixed-Pickles (April 0001) 1976

Bremen 1974
CD: Garden of Delights CD 122, 2006

Live Bootlegs:
Im Garten Des Schweigens (Ele Bird 9002) 1972
Superrock Made in Germany (Ele Bird 9003) 1972

Missus Beastly were among the earliest bands of the new progressive rock wave, being founded in Herford in 1968, recorded their debut album in January 1970 with Hansi Fischer (flute, from Xhol, later to Embryo) and Dieter Serfas (percussion, from Amon Düül II). This was a glimpse into early German underground jazz-rock with lots of flute, psychedelic organ and guitars. The band could be compared to Xhol and Embryo. Soon after the recordings finished, Missus Beastly expanded to become a sextet with Paul Vincent and Michael Scholz. Half a year later, Vincent was replaced by Roman Bunka and a seventh member, Jurgen Benz, joined. By the end of the year, the band were bankrupt and their activities terminated. Nothing more was heard from Missus Beastly until Autumn 1973, when the reformed band embarked on a tour of Germany. This quintet also recorded an album for Nova in 1974, containing slick, funky jazz-rock, totally different to the previous album. Lutz Oldemeier and Miekautsch left in 1975 to be replaced by Butze Fischer and Burkard Schmidt. In the interim, Jim McGillivray of Epitaph drummed for three months in Missus Beastly. Along with Embryo, Ton Steine Scherben and Sparifankal, Missus Beastly founded the independent record company April.

Dr.Aftershave & The Mixed-Pickles (1976) became the second release on this label (Sparifankal's "Bayern Rock" being April 0000). This was a distinct improvement on the half-hearted Nova album, recorded with three talented guests from Embryo: Roman Bunka, Maria Archer (vocals) and Christian Burchard (vibraphone).

Taken from Cosmic Dreams at Play - A guide to German Progressive and Electronic Rock by Dag Erik Asbjørnsen, Borderline Productions, ISBN 1-899855-01-7

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