Week of July 29, 2007


Norbert Kuhpfahl - Bass
Karl Wild - Guitar, Vocals
Andy Tischmann - Drums, Percussion
Doris Tischmann - Keyboards, Vocals
Walter Utz - Keyboards, Vocals

Mask Of Life / A Better Day - 7" AVC Production (1978)
LP: All Our Hopes (private release 8-9/79)

A late-70s band, McOil were too late on the scene to gain any media interest, being hard-edged rock with a typically German sound, akin to Jane, Harlis, Eloy, etc. Originating in Ochsenhausen in 1976, it was two years before a single was released, and with no chance of a record contract, they self-produced their only album in 1979. Andy Tischmann moved on to Bullfrog after this. He was replaced by one Rudolph Scheich, and a second guitarist Dieter Eisenmann joined the ranks. This line-up recorded a second album in 1981, which remains unreleased. McOil disbanded in 1986, with three members forming the heavy metal band Stinger.

Taken from: The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Steven Freeman, Alan Freeman. ISBN: 0-95295-06-0-X, Leicester 1997.

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