Week of May 13, 2007

McChurch Soundroom

Delusion (Pilz 20211142) 1971
CD: Ohrwaschl OW012

Another of those obscure bands about which there is little information. 'Delusion' (1972) is one of the rarest albums on the legendary Pilz label, and, therefore, hunted by collectors all over the globe. It has the typical German heavy progressive underground sound, based on loud guitars, trembling organ and flute. The sleeve generously credited the following people: "the Hamburg police appears during the session by kindly arrangement of enthusiastic neighbours"! The album contained five tracks in all. 'Dream of a Drummer' is slightly marred by a long drum solo, otherwise there is much to enjoy here. 'What Are You Doin'' contained an anti-drug message:

You know all live together,
Want freedom and space
Young people know forever,
And see there's no release
Stop what you 're doing,
You make yourself a ruin
Stop takin ' trips, snow horse and shit
The better world, you know, can't find it
Drugs never find an end,
It's you, you that bend
The price is high, believe me, I don't lie!
(from 'What Are You Doin'')

'What Are You Doin'', 'Time is Flying', and 'Delusion' are the highlights of this recommended album, produced by Konrad Plank. As with so many contemporaries, McChurch Soundroom recorded just one album and then disappeared into obscurity (after the folding of Pilz in 1973).

Taken from Cosmic Dreams at Play - A guide to German Progressive and Electronic Rock by Dag Erik Asbjørnsen, Borderline Productions, ISBN 1-899855-01-7

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