Week of December 16, 2007


Carlo Crivelli - keyboards, vocals
Enzo Cutuli - bass, vocals
Aldo Pignanelli - drums, percussion

Crisi, 1972 CGO FC1008
CD: Mellow (MMP 189) 1994

A little-known group who rarely played live in their short lifetime. Their album is extremely obscure and almost never offered on the collectors market. It's really just a curiosity for the completists, as the musical content is quite ordinary. "Crisi", filling the whole of side one, is a three-part instrumental composition with classical overtones, probably inspired by The Nice. The other side contains six short pop songs with a slight psychedelic soul edge and strong sixties vibes, quite similar to I Flashmen, early New Trolls, etc.

Taken from Scented Gardens of the Mind - A guide to the Golden Era of Progressive Rock (1968-1980) in more than 20 European Countries, by Dag Erik Asbjørnsen, Borderline Productions, ISBN 1-899855-12-2

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