Week of September 7, 2008

D.R. Hooker Band

D.R. Hooker - Vocals, Guitar
Tom Kobela - Dobro
Ken Lovelett - Vibes, Percussion
Nick Oliva - Keyboards
Vincent Pasternak - Guitar
Art Ryerson - Piano, Vocals
Rick Sanders - Synth
George Sheck - Bass
Haywood Sheck - Drums
Steve Malkan - Bass
Bert McDevitt - Drums, Vocals
Bob Reardon - Keyboards, Vocals
Carroll Yanni - Lead Guitar

The Truth (No label XLP 1029) 1972
Armageddon (On Records 40725) 1979
Rain On The Moon (No label) 1987

"The Truth" originally issued with fold-open lyric insert; reissued (Del-Val DV 008) in 1993 and again (Subliminal Sounds SUBLP 14) and on CD (Subliminal Sounds SUBCD 15, 2000).

"Armageddon" was recorded early in 1974. Original pressing has thick sleeve, later counterfeited in Europe circa 1990.

"Rain On The Moon" was a cassette only, private release.

D.R. Hooker was based in Connecticut. For some, the debut album is one of the real treasures of the early seventies private press scene. Pretty much devoid of commercial aspirations, it's particularly notable for its heavier cuts like "I'm Leaving You" and the druggy "The Bible". The album closes with a message played backwards: "Life is a mystery, of course it's true. Look for the answer, recorded clues".

"Armageddon", which did not appear until 1979, was recorded with an entirely different line-up in 1974. There are great moments on this album, although it lacks the intimacy of their debut. Hooker's voice has an unpolished quality that seems somewhat awkward when his band moves into progressive rock territory on this second album. The debut is a more convincing work.

Compilation appearances include: "Forge Your Own Chains" on "Son Of The Gathering Of The Tribe" (LP).

(Clark Faville)

Taken from: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers - American Garage, Psychedelic & Hippie Rock 1964-1975

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