Week of October 28, 2007

Dirty Blues Band

Pat Malone (Pat Maloney) - Keyboards
John Milliken - Drums
Les Morrison - Bass
Rod 'Gingerman' Piazza - Vocals, Harmonica
Glenn Ross (Campbell) - Guitar
Robert Sandell - Guitar
Gregg Anderson - Bass
Rick Lunetta - Guitar
Dave Miter - Drums
Jimmy Forrest - Sax
Willie Green - Sax
Freddie Hill - Trumpet

Dirty Blues Band (ABC-Bluesway BLS 6010) 1967; CD: Black Rose BR 174, 2004
Stone Dirt (ABC-Bluesway BLS 6020) 1968; CD: Black Rose BR 175, 2004

Both are traditional electric blues albums, dominated by Piazza's fiery vocals and harmonica. Piazza later formed the Southside Blues Band with George "Harmonica" Smith, who were subsequently renamed Bacon Fat by Mike Vernon of Blue Horizon. The band was based in Southern California.

(Clark Faville/Stephane Rebeschini)

Taken from: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers - American Garage, Psychedelic & Hippie Rock 1964-1975

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