Week of June 1, 2008


Richard Cobby - Guitar
Damon J Hardy - Vocals
Polly Perkins - Vocals
Dick Walter - Flute

Pop-Lore According To The Academy (Morgan Bluetown BT 5001) 1969
CD: Airmail AIRAC1194

Rachel's Dream/Munching The Candy (Morgan Bluetown BTS 2) 1969
(credited to Academy featuring Polly Perkins)

Sparsely but inventively arranged folk songs with slight jazzy and psychedelic overtones are to be found on Academy's sole album. The main attraction is the clear voice of Polly and the interesting woodwind parts. Male singer Hardy is less convincing. "Poor Jean" has pretty harmonies but is marred by some out of key intonations. The best tracks are "Munching The Candy" and "Rachel's Dream", the latter starting sentimentally but later on incorporating a lovely Russian theme. They were also issued on a 45. Interesting.

(Marcel Koopman)

Taken from The Tapestry of Delights - The Comprehensive Guide to British Music of the Beat, R&B, Psychedelic and Progressive Eras 1963-1976, Vernon Joynson ISBN 1 899855 04 1

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