Week of October 10, 2004


Eric Bell - Guitar
Tony Carr - Percussion
Clem Cattini - Drums
John Chuter - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Ant Grouth-Smith - Guitar, Bass, Sax, Vocals
Jimmy Hastings - Flute
George Howe - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Gordon Huntley - Steel Guitar
Barry Morgan - Drums
Douglas Wright - Drums

Ho-Hum (Deram SML 1083) 1971
CD: Si-Wan SRMC 0027, 1994

Soft and delicate, yet melodic, confident and self-assured, this Deram act's only album resides somewhere between period UK country rock (Cochise, Quicksand, Southern Comfort, Quiver) and singer-songwriterdom (Mike Maran, Pete Atkin, Tony Hazzard) with plenty of light and shade thrown in from both sides.

Featuring crème de la crème of Britain's studio scene and aided by a sympathetic and lush production, this band manages to produce twelve superbly orchestrated tracks full of energy, effervescence, vigour, character, rich flavour and originality. It also features no less than three lead vocalists and - count them! - five guitarists, including none other than Southern Comfort's Gordon Huntley.

Was Eric Bell the same guy who played in Thin Lizzy, on Mk I line-up's biggest hits, "Whiskey In The Jar" and "The Rocker"?

Clem Cattini is featured in our other PICKs: Hungry Wolf, Ugly Custard, John Schroeder and Fancy.

Jimmy Hastings, of course, needs no introduction, being a long-standing member of Canterbury prog legend Caravan.

Grout-Smith designed the cover art for this album.

Alex Gitlin, October 2004

Discography and line-up information taken from The Tapestry of Delights

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