Week of July 3, 2005


Robert Zima - vocals, electric guitar
Christer Åkerberg - guitars
Stefan Fredin - bass
Dag Lindqvist - drums, mellotron
Olle Thörnvall – lyrics

Trettioåriga Kriget 1974 Epic EPC 80220 (CD Mellotronen MELLOCD 016, 2004)
Krigssång 1976 Epic (CD Mellotronen CD02)
Hej På Er! 1978 Mistlur MLR 4
Mot Alla Odds 1979 Mistlur MLR 9
Kriget 1980 Mistlur MLR 16
War Memories (1972-81) 1992 Mellotronen 003
Glorious War (Recordings from 1970-1971) 2004 (CD Mellotronen MELLOCD 015)
Elden Av År 2004 (reunion; CD Mellotronen MELLOCD 010)

Thirty Years War formed on the outskirts of Stockholm in 1970 and recorded their first compositions during rehearsals two years later. Their vocalist Robert Zima was, in fact, an Austrian singing Swedish lyrics! Their first album was an immensely powerful statement, almost a cross between Uriah Heep and King Crimson at their most furious. This war-like inferno of scorching guitars and howling vocals started with a 3-minute manic guitar overture at the beginning of "Kaledoniska Orogenesen". All six tracks had intricate, complex arrangements similar to many Italian rock bands (which had similar influences).

Krigssång” (1976) was a more subtle effort focusing more on their poetical qualities, as exemplified by "Jag Och Jag Och 'Jag'" with acoustic guitar and vocals. Other tracks made more use of mellotron and almost jazzy progression, really heavy, such as the mighty opus, " Krigssång II” (17:32). This was to be their classic album, one that has stood the test of time well.

Despite artistic success, Trettioåriga Kriget were fired by their recording company and eventually formed their own Mistlur Records. “Hej På Er” (1978) showed they had lost some of their momentum, not being up to the standard of their two first albums. “Mot Alla Odds” (1979) was even worse, but their final album, “Kriget” (1980), saw some improvements again. The CD compilation, “War Memories”, contains many unreleased early tracks and is recommended.

Taken from Scented Gardens of the Mind - A guide to the Golden Era of Progressive Rock (1968-1980) in more than 20 European Countries, by Dag Erik Asbjørnsen, Borderline Productions, ISBN 1-899855-12-2

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