Week of February 4, 2001

Ricordi D'Infanzia

LP "Io Uomo" (1973) Fonit - LPP 227
45 "Latte E Rhum/Mani Fredde" (1973) Fonit - SP 1497

Practically all studio musicians, Ricordi released just one album.  Very little information is available about it; however, "Io Uomo" is a fine slice of Italian Prog which alternates between avant-garde flavoured cuts and keyboard-driven hard rock.  Side A of the album is the better one of the two, and the recording is very good technically.  After this LP, the group recorded a single, "Latte E Rhum".  It's regrettable that Fonit did not make a greater effort at the time to promote this fine act.

Taken from "The Return of Italian Pop" by Paolo Barotto (Vinyl Magic VM201, 8016158220124)

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