Week of September 5, 1999

Prof. Wolfff

Klaus Peter Schweitzer – Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Romi Schickle – Hammond Organ
Mondo Zech – Vocals
Fritz Herrmann – Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica

Folding open the sleeve of the one and only Prof. Wolfff album reveals a long-haired quintet. Unfortunately, their names weren't listed, but the three guys credited for the compositions were presumably members of this obscure group: Mondo Zech, Klaus Peter Schweitzer and Romi Schickle. The seven songs were recorded in October 1971 at the Jankowsky studio, Stuttgart, produced by Jonas Porst (Ihre Kinder manager) and engineered by Klaus Reiser. Perhaps Porst's involvement explains why the result sounded like a cross between Ihre Kinder and Murphy Blend - strong political lyrics in German and folky arrangements coupled with a very prominent Hammond organ played in a semi-classical style. Lied Des Teufels also recorded similar music, but Prof. Wolfff for the most part lacked sax and flute, in comparison. In all, seven songs, all of them good, some great! A recommended album that unfortunately is very seldom seen around nowadays.

Prof. Wolfff 1972 MetronomeMLP 15422
CD reissue: Second Battle SB045-001673-2, 1998

Taken from Cosmic Dreams at Play - A guide to German Progressive and Electronic Rock by Dag Erik Asbjørnsen, Borderline Productions, ISBN 1-899855-01-7

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