Week of May 15, 2005

I Cocai

Theo Byty (vocals, guitar, moog)
Gigi Pandy (guitar, flute, vocals)
Stheny (keyboards)
Paul Blaise (bass, percussion, vocals)
Tury (drums)

Piccolo grande vecchio fiume - Style (CT 7165) 1977
CD reissue: Mellow (MMP 186) 1994

A minor band from Veneto that only released an album in 1977, with the five members' identities hidden behind fictitious names.

I Cocai were strongly influenced by the then-popular Italian commercial pop, producing the soft-prog sound with a few interesting moments, such as the 8-minute long "Le mie storie", performed in English despite the Italian title.

Taken from http://www.italianprog.com

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