Week of May 7, 2000

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe is one of the less influential groups on the Italian rock spectrum, however, their sole album released in 1974, entitled, "Generazioni" was very good!  It came out with a very impressive front cover, released by the 'Kansas' label.

This album displays excellent musicianship and impressive prog ambitions, thus proving once and for all that the best groups aren't always the best known or the most successful ones.  Unfortunately, the usual problems experienced by the majority of up-start prog bands of that era such as the lack of promotion, etc. led to a quick and sad disbandment soon thereafter.


LP: "Generazioni" (1974) Kansas, 5300 503 A
CD: "Generazioni" Vinyl Magic, VM027

Paraphrased from "The Return of Italian Pop" by Paolo Barotto (Vinyl Magic VM201, 8016158220124)
Vinyl Magic web site: www.btf.it

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