Week of June 9, 2002


Gianluigi Di Franco - Vocals
Corrado Rustici - Guitar, Vocals
Antonio Spagnolo - Bass, Violin
Giulio D'Ambrosio - Sax, Flute
Remigio Esposito - Drums

Melos 1973 Ricordi SMRL 6119

A rather short-lived group from Naples connected with the better-known Osanna, which Cervello's leader Corrado Rustici would eventually join in 1974. 'Melos' was a concept album based on ancient Greek mythology with some references to the old folk music of that country. The music on the album is technically well executed.

Taken from Scented Gardens of the Mind - A guide to the Golden Era of Progressive Rock (1968-1980) in more than 20 European Countries, by Dag Erik Asbjørnsen, Borderline Productions, ISBN 1-899855-12-2

(Il Balleto Di Bronzo with a bit of an epic, folky edge - A.G.)

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