Week of February 29, 2004


Ian Ferguson - Bass
Greg Lawrie - Guitar
Tony Lunt - Drums
Broderick Smith - Vocals, Harmonica
Ian Winter - Guitar
Barry Sullivan - Bass
Garry Clarke - Bass
Mal Logan - Keyboards
Mal Capewell - Sax

Blown (EMI/Harvest SHVL.608) 1972
On The Air (EMI/Harvest SHVL.611) 1973
(also released in France (EMI/Harvest 064-81.774) 1974)

Both albums released on one CD, Free Records FR2004 (2000)

Travelling South/Moonshine (Havoc H 1008) 1971
Boogie Part 1/Part II (EMI/Harvest HAR-9965) 1972

A popular Melbourne band who functioned between 1971-73. They were known earlier as Carson County Band. Their work was wide-ranging, but can best be described as boogie rock.

The Travelling South 45 saw the band extend beyond their earlier strictly-blues format on the A-side which was notable for a dual-guitar lead riff that leads into a passage of superb slide guitar playing. The flip side was a strong blues song with lots of riffs and superb slide.

Their debut album, Blown, was a solid effort full of wild bluesy hard rock. It's notable for Sleepy Greg Lawrie's slick slide guitar work and sported a cover with striking (but simple) sci-fi imagery. It contained a version of Boogie, which differed considerably from the single. The material ranged from powerful numbers like this to laid-back blues evidenced in Up In Queensland and Sunday In The City with a rock'n'jazz offering in Rock And Roll Game and an instrumental, Banana Power, providing further diversity.

By 1973, they'd lost their sense of direction, as evidenced on On The Air. If you're into blues though, there's still a lot of relaxed playing to be heard here. There are some good guitar licks on Elmore James' Dust My Broom and another version of Boogie, whilst Dingo and Laid-back Feel were good mood pieces. The album is a document of their performance at the 1973 Sunbury Rock Festival.

It was no real surprise when they went their separate ways after Sunbury 1973. Broderick Smith went on to The Dingoes.

Australian Rock 71/72 gave further exposure to three of their songs; Don't Worry, Moonshine and Travelling South. Friday Night Groove was included on Sunbury 1973, whilst Boogie Pt.1 also turned up on Boogie Balls And Blues, Vol.1 and on Decade, Vol.1.

Taken from "Dreams, Fantasies and Nightmares" by Vernon Joynson, an extensive guide to Canadian / Australian / New Zealand and Latin American psych and garage music 1963 - 1976.

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