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Dyan Birch - vocals 
Carroll Carter - vocals
Frank Collins - vocals 
Lloyd Courtenay - drums
Don Hume - bass 
Paddy McHugh - vocals
Tony O'Malley - vocals, keyboards 
Glen Le Fleur - drums, percussion
Raphael Pereira - guitar 
Lee Sutherland - bass

Arrival (Decca SKL 5055) 1970 
Arrival (CBS 64733) 1972

Friends/Don't Turn His Love Away (Decca F 12986) 1969 
I Will Survive/See The Lord (Decca F 13026) 1970 
Let My Life Be Your Love Song/Out Of Desperation (CBS 7035) 1971 
Family Tree/Part Of My Dream (CBS 7617) 1971 
(The Theme From) Heartbreak Kid/Sweet Summer (CBS 1350) 1973 
Mr. Know It All/Not Gonna Worry (Epic EPC 1821) 1973 

Reissue 45s: 
I Will Survive/See The Lord (Decca F 13593) 1975 
Friends/I Will Survive (Decca F 13763) 1978

A pop/rock band from Liverpool who enjoyed Top 20 hits with "Friends" and "I Will Survive". On the CBS album, the stronger tracks like "Glory Be" and "Family Tree" have quite a strong black/gospel influence. Also of note for Birch's vocals are the melancholic "Part Of My Dream", "So It Is Written" and "Not Preconceived".

Their original bassist was Don Hume and original drummer was Lloyd Courtenay ex-Casuals and Lace, both appeared on all Decca material and first two CBS singles before they left in 1972. They were replaced by Lee Sutherland (ex-Sunburst/pre-Cross & Ross), Steve Chapman (drums, ex-Distant Jim) and George Lee (sax, ex-Aquila). Chapman only stayed briefly, leaving for Coast Road Drive and, in turn, being replaced by Glen Lefleur (ex-Legend). Pereira then joined and the recording of the CBS album, "Arrival" commenced. Sutherland had also left prior to its recording and Phil Chen (ex-Graham Bond's Magick) joined to complete the album. Chen then left to join The Butts Band (US) and Lee left too. Pereira switched to bass; Birch, Collins and McHugh went on to Kokomo, O'Malley initially joined Mick Cox, then went to Kokomo, Le Fleur went on to Gonzales

(Vernon Joynson/Jim McMaster)

Taken from The Tapestry of Delights - The Comprehensive Guide to British Music of the Beat, R&B, Psychedelic and Progressive Eras 1963-1976, Vernon Joynson   ISBN 1 899855 04 1

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