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Bob Andrews Keyboards, Vocals
Billy Rankin Drums
Nick Lowe Bass, Vocals
Brinsley Schwarz Guitar, Vocals
Ian Gomm Guitar, Vocals


Brinsley Schwarz (United Artists UAS 29111) 1970
(reissued on CD: Repertoire REP 4421-WY, 1994 and Beat Goes On BGOCD 239, 1994)
Despite It All (Liberty LBG 83427) 1970
(reissued on CD: Beat Goes On BGOCD 239, 1994)
Silver Pistol (United Artists UAS 29217) 1972
(reissued on CD: Edsel ED 190, 1986 and 1990)
Nervous On The Road (United Artists UAS 29374) 1972
(reissued on CD: Beat Goes On BGOCD 289, 1995)
Please Don't Ever Change (United Artists UAS 29489) 1973
(reissued on CD: Edsel EDCD 237, 1990)
Original Golden Greats (Compilation) (United Artists USP 101) 1974
The New Favourites Of Brinsley Schwarz (United Artists UAS 29641) 1974
(reissued on CD: Beat Goes On BGOCD 289, 1995)
15 Thoughts Of Brinsley Schwarz (Compilation) (United Artists UAK 30177) 1978
Surrender To The Rhythm (EMI CDP 7 96746 2, 1991, 20 track CD compilation)


Shining Brightly/What Do You Suggest (United Artists UP 35118) 1970
Country Girl/Funk Angel (Liberty LBY 15419) 1970
Country Girl/Funk Angel (United Artists UP 35312) 1972
Speedo/I Worry (United Artists UP 35588) 1973
I've Cried My Last Tear/Bringdown (United Artists UP 35642) 1974
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Love, Peace And Understanding/
Since You're Gone (United Artists UP 35700) 1974
Everybody/I Like You, I Don't Love You (United Artists UP 35768) 1975
There's A Cloud In My Heart/I Got The Real Thing (United Artists UP 35812) 1975
Country Girl/Hooked On Love/Surrender To The Rhythm (United Artists UP 36409) 1978
(What's So Funny 'Bout) Love, Peace And Understanding/I've Cried My Last Tear (United Artists UP 36446) 1978

This group was an important part of the 'pub-rock' phenomenon in Britain in the seventies - Andrews, Lowe and Schwarz had all previously been with Kippington Lodge, a harmony band that Mark Wirtz had signed up to EMI's Parlophone label in the mid-sixties.

As is well known now the band were subjected to one of the biggest hypes in rock history - a planeload of music journalists were flown across the Atlantic to see their debut at New York's Fillmore East, but were unimpressed with the then unknown band. The inevitable press slagging did the band irreparable damage, although their debut album, an amalgam of 'heavy' blues and harmony folk-rock, had its moments. Despite It All showed promise too, but failed to undo the damage done by all the earlier 'hype'.

After the second album Ian Gomm was added providing a fuller guitar sound and the band reacted against all the 'hype' of their early days by becoming as anti-commercial as possible, accepting a residency at the Tally Ho in London's Kentish Town in the Summer of 1972. Their next album, Silver Pistol, was very laid back, almost mellow. Over the next 2.5 years they were at the forefront of the 'pub rock' scene and helped to bring it to the attention of the music press and a wider audience. Nick Lowe blossomed as a songwriter and they made a number musically diverse albums which won critical acclaim but failed to sell. This eventually led them to split after a Marquee gig on 18 March 1975.

In addition to the above discography they have five tracks (Wonder Woman, It's Just My Way Of Saying Thank You, I'm Ahead If I Can Quit While I'm..., Midnight Train and Surrender To The Rhvt) on The Greasy Truckers Party (United Artists UDX 203.4) 1972 and one cut on the Glastonbury Fayre triple set (Relevation REV 1A-3F) 1972.  Funk Angel can also be heard on All Good Clean Fun.  They also recorded as The Hitters, The Electricians (with Dave Edmunds) and possibly too as The Limelight.

After their demise Nick Lowe and Ian Gomm both became solo artists. Bob Andrews and Brinsley Schwarz resurfaced in Graham Parker and The Rumour and Billy Rankin joined fellow pub-rockers Ducks Deluxe.

Taken from The Tapestry of Delights - The Comprehensive Guide to British Music of the Beat, R&B, Psychedelic and Progressive Eras 1963-1976, Vernon Joynson
ISBN 1 899855 04 1

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